Monday, March 12, 2012

Illostribute-Jim Flora

I'd posted about a prior contribution to the website Illostribute in this post. I enjoyed the exercise so much, that when asked by Toby to contribute once more I couldn't turn him down. This time around the subject was Jim Flora, who happens to be one of the largest influences on my work in recent years. No pressure. The toughest part was to find a single piece to interpret, so I pored through my copies of Fantagraphics' amazing compilations of his work and came across some of his commercial work towards the end of the third volume. This piece was one in a series he illustrated for The New York Times' Magazine in the late 60s for an article called "Long Day's Journey into the Insomniac's Night" (check here for the original). I wanted to mess around with it quite a bit and not be too obvious with my Flora influence. Not all to bad in the end, but it can't hold a candle to his body of work. Thanks once again to Mr. Toby Neighbors for inviting me to participate.

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