Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Frances and Lenny...

I've already captured the likeness of Mr. Cory McCallum in my last post on here and based on that he came to me with the request to do a warped portrait of his kids-Frances and Lenny-as a mother's day gift for his wife. I portrayed them enjoying their loves of karate, reading and saying "Uh Oh!" while saving the day during a shark monster attack (perhaps it was a bit scared itself, maybe there's a deeper story at the core?).

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Mach Spitz's Flossed in Space Vol. I and II

I've only known Cory McCallum (aka Mach Spitz) for about a year and a half, but in that time we've collaborated on a few short stories and are in the process of a full length comic that I really should be working on right now. I digress. In addition to being a great writer, Cory's predominantly a musician and has been a fixture of the music community in his hometown of Orangeville, Ontario for close to 20 years. One of his latest projects is creating hip hop under the moniker of Mach Spitz in the group The Beef Chiefs. He recently put out his first solo album (which you can buy/stream at: http://www.beefchiefs.bandcamp.com/) and asked me to create a poster design for it's release (1st image). The idea was based upon b-grade sci-fi posters from the 70s including the fonts used and it's "aged" look. I've often said, it's sometimes a chore to get out of my comfort zone, but it's fun to do so and this was definitely fun.
I moved back into my comfort zone on the second image where for fun's sake I took inspiration from the main image in the poster and gave it the mutated illustration treatment. I saw it as a way of saying thanks to Cory for all the recent collaborations and as an exercise in doing a weird take on a portrait of a real person. I really want to get more in touch with my wacky side and this seemed like a good place to start...

Monday, April 16, 2012

New Business Cards

I recently ordered a huge amount of business cards. Now I must socialize and hand them out to many people...

Friday, March 30, 2012

Illustration Friday 30/03/2012: "Return"

Based on one of my sketches recently posted. Fetch (you grotesque) boy...

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Real Screen Cover-March April 2012

Spring has arrived and with that comes my yearly contribution to RealScreen Magazine's "Global 100" cover. This year's theme puts the ever versatile "Globie" in the position of a pawn shop operator based on the popularity (or over saturation depending on your point of view) of pawn shop related reality shows on TV.  As usual, I had a blast doing this and must give designer Mark Lacoursiere extra credit for the great idea of matching the magazine's logo with the rest of the image.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Illostribute-Jim Flora

I'd posted about a prior contribution to the website Illostribute in this post. I enjoyed the exercise so much, that when asked by Toby to contribute once more I couldn't turn him down. This time around the subject was Jim Flora, who happens to be one of the largest influences on my work in recent years. No pressure. The toughest part was to find a single piece to interpret, so I pored through my copies of Fantagraphics' amazing compilations of his work and came across some of his commercial work towards the end of the third volume. This piece was one in a series he illustrated for The New York Times' Magazine in the late 60s for an article called "Long Day's Journey into the Insomniac's Night" (check here for the original). I wanted to mess around with it quite a bit and not be too obvious with my Flora influence. Not all to bad in the end, but it can't hold a candle to his body of work. Thanks once again to Mr. Toby Neighbors for inviting me to participate.

Sketchbook Detritus

Well, this has been a while. I confess to not taking much time to doodle in recent months, but I'm really planning on turning that around. Here's a few of the more noteworthy doodles I've coughed up since November...

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Speaking of Broken Pencil....

"Fulton Downhill" by Eric Beeny

Mr. Monitor Presents: Little L'Ourque. Words by Cory McCallum

In print this month is the latest issue of Broken Pencil featuring a new Mr. Monitor and me doing an illustration for the fiction section (also featuring some great work by Hyein Lee, Ben Rivers and Lisa Vanin). I've been messing around a bit with my black and white work recently, going for a straight black on white style since greyscale tends to look muddy with my work. Still a work in progress, but that's the fun of experimenting. I also decided to try something a bit different with Mr. Monitor this time around and collaborated with a fine writer in the form of Cory McCallum. I figured that lining up the print versions of the strips with the online was tending to be a bit of a pain, especially if the online strip moved ahead a few chapters, so I wanted to do the print versions as a series of one offs. Having a bit of writers block, and not feeling that confident in what I could do, I put the word out to a few writer friends and Mr. McCallum was the first to bite. I'm also experimenting with some new character designs for the story, so this edition features a new look for the adult L'Ourque. I'm hoping to get back on the serial version of Mr. Monitor in the near future (the Broken Pencil website redesign has been taking forever, plus the aforementioned block), but I'm looking forward to more of these collaborations in the meantime.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Broken Pencil Renewal Strips

Way back in the fall of 2011 (which seems like a lifetime ago), my longstanding relationship with Broken Pencil magazine took a different turn when i was asked to create a series of strips for their subscription renewal forms. I decided to take on a few genre tropes, such as space adventure (albeit in a mundane form), superheroics and animal drama. Good silly fun, which we can never have enough of.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Coughing up blood, I think I've had enough...

Original design, pre production

Front Cover

Back Cover

Final Product
I'm largely planning on posting odds and ends from the tail end of 2011 over the next little while, starting here with one of my more interesting projects of last year. I was hired by a friend to create this as a gift for a colleague based on that person's dreams (both cover images). I used the facilities available to me at my new-ish job to print the final product and apply it to the book. Being unfamiliar with working with adhesive vinyl, there was a bit of trial and error, but it worked out quite well in the end, especially thanks to tips and guidance from the more experienced folks where I work.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Yeti vs. Spruce

A new online poster for the upcoming edition of the Wrecking Ball in Toronto (see prior designs here and here). Definitely my favourite design of the three and one of my better recent poster designs. Not a bad way to start off 2012 (happy new year by the way).