Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Taddle Creek Issue 27

"Christmas Mummers" Cover Illustration

"Dreyfus in Wichita" by Cary Fagan
"The Saxophonists' Book of the Dead" by Gary Barwin

"Rue du Doo" by Derek McCormack
"Opening Act" by Amy Jones

Tonight (Dec. 6) marks the launch of issue 27 of Taddle Creek in Toronto. Once again I had the pleasure of doing illustrations for the fiction and for the first time also the cover. Due to the theme of the issue being based around music, and also the launch's proximity to Christmas, I decided to do a stylized version of Newfoundland mummers as a cover image. Hopefully people will get that, but if not it might make for a strange conversation piece. If you're in Toronto, check the launch party out tonight. It happens at The Boat, in Kensington Market, and you can find out more info about what's going on here. There's a tonne of great work in this issue, especially a gorgeous 4 page story by Pascal Blanchet and an overview of Doublenaut's amazing poster work.
Thanks as always to Mr. Conan Tobias for his patience and for putting out a great issue.


Derek McCormack said...

Love the mummers, and love the Count you did for my story. Thank you!

Hyein Lee said...

Oh wow! A beautiful Taddle Creek issue! :D

Matthew Daley said...

thank you both. it was a pleasure to illustrate your story derek!