Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Line is Drawn...

I recently "auditioned" to become one of the new artists for Comic Book Resources' "The Line is Drawn" column. The idea behind the column is visual interpretations of different themes (odd teamups etc.) pertaining to the world of comics. The two ideas I illustrated were the following:
1) A famous/real/non superhero person as a superhero (top). From a list of 200+ such individuals, I chose Nikola Tesla (top) and gave him the abstract treatment. Note Tesla Coil insignia on the costume.
2) A team up between two characters who hadn't met up before. I chose Mr. Fantastic and Plastic man and gave them the hyper stylized treatment showing them taking on their respective arch rivals Dr. Doom (top) and Dr. Dome (bottom, clever?)
I never really expected to be chosen to be among the new artists (I haven't checked back to see who was), but these were fun exercises. I'm not ashamed to say I still enjoy a good superhero comic.

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