Monday, December 19, 2011

Illostribute-Albert Dorne

I've been way too behind with adding new posts to this here blog, but full time employment will sometimes disrupt things a bit. Earlier in the fall, I was asked to participate in the site Illostribute by it's proprietor Toby Neighbors. It's a site that gets together a variety of illustration types to pay tribute to other illustrators, in the case of my first post it was Albert Dorne. I confess that I didn't really know much about his work before being asked, but became interested in what I could do after researching his work, especially given the major differences between our styles. The results of what everybody came up with, plus some samples of Dorne's work can be found here, and there really are some incredible pieces to see. My seasonally appropriate contribution is below, check out the original here.

Thanks very much to Toby Neighbors for asking me to partake.

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