Monday, September 19, 2011

Sketchbook Detritus-17/09/2011

Saturday night brought me to the lovely little town of Alton, Ontario to see my wife's band play a set at a little bakery/watering hole. Along with me came my sketchbook to see me through the boredom of the first act and the between band periods when Lindsay wasn't around to keep me company. As you can see, my Kaiju obsession came out a bit as I just wanted to mess around a touch with all the grotesque things that can go on in my head. The bottom series of sketches were drawn during the set by headliner Ryan Masters. One of his sidemen played pedal steel at a point of the set, but looked nothing like the bruiser type I drew. I just thought it would be fun. Ryan himself is represented in the second sketch. He spent most of the set with a toque over his head (it was a frigid night) and at one point dedicated a song to the bats flying around his head. It created a nice visual in my mind....

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