Friday, August 19, 2011

Mr. Monitor (sort of) Comes to Life!

It's been a bit of a quiet period on the Mr. Monitor front, based partly on my having to focus on paying work and also based on a need to re-tweak the way I was doing it. In the meantime, I've created my very first pepercraft interpretation of the character for the most recent issue of Broken Pencil (on newsstands now). Every summer the magazine has a "DIY issue" that focuses on how to's and little tricks and tips for the budding indie artist. For fun's sake, we decided to let people have their very own Mr. Monitor to tote around with them or gather dust on a bookshelf. The version in the magazine is in b&w, but you can download a PDF version here.

New strips should be coming soon, I'll be posting about them here when they appear.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

New Work in Print-Tidings September 2011

This month's Bon Vivant column posed the question, "Do real men drink coolers?". I do believe I attempted to answer that with a resounding "yes" (right in the kisser). I was messing around with a couple of new texture styles and methods of rendering colour with this piece and had a bit more fun with looser shapes than usual.