Thursday, June 16, 2011

New Work-Taddle Creek No. 26

"Melt" by Amelia Kahaney

"Unfaithful" by Alexandra Leggat

"A Fog" by David Ross

"The Many Faces of Montgomery Clift" by Grace O'Connell
From the Press release:
Issue No. 26 of Taddle Creek  will launch on Friday, June 17, at the Jet Fuel Coffee Shop, 519 Parliament Street (in Cabbagetown, just north of Carlton). Doors open at 8:30, at which time free ham and non-ham burgers will be served, as will free beer, courtesy of Steam Whistle Brewing (Steam Whistle + Taddle Creek: 2001-2011!). Helping you digest will be three five-minute readings by James Lindsay, Grace O’Connell, and Damian Rogers.  

And in the event you have any money left over, why not pick up a copy of the summer issue, featuring new fiction and poetry by Chris Chambers (who?), Julie Hartley, Amelia Kahaney, Alexandra Leggat, James Lindsay, Peter Norman, Grace O’Connell, Damian Rogers, and David Ross.
Plus: a comic by Joe Ollmann, an interview with Evie Christie, the return of Alfred Holden, Dani Couture’s Animal Effigy, Lindsay Zier-Vogel’s love letters, Dave Lapp’s People Around Here, and a cover by Jack Dylan.
Now doesn’t that sound like something to suffer through free food and beer for?

Above are my contributions, illustration wise to the issue. Big thanks to Conan Tobias as always...


Hyein Lee said...

Wow, these look awesome, Matt! Did you say.. free veg burgers!?

Matthew Daley said...

thanks hyein. i do believe there are free veg burgers for your consumption. also free coffee from jet fuel (which is good) and booze. i'm going to miss the whole to do unfortunately...