Monday, May 9, 2011

New Work-Broken Pencil Issue #51

The newest issue of Broken Pencil (#51), arrived in my mailbox today and above are my illustration contributions. The top illustration accompanies the main article "Art on Two Wheels: The Rise of Cycling as Culture". In particular the piece is inspired the Bicycle Music Festival-a festival entirely powered by bikes attached to generators-but I thought it would work better if the bike was powering a camera as opposed to something music related. I'm pretty happy with the minimalist approach I took to it, although I should have omitted some of the texture in the background.
The bottom is the header image for a new column in the magazine called "DIY Drama" which reports on all the little beefs that might be going on in the indie community. 
Issue #51 also includes the B&W version of the newest Mr. Monitor, which will be slow in showing up online due to some changes to the BP website. The issue also features spectacular illustrations by Raymond Biesinger, a great strip by Vicki Nerino and more....

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flow said...

Nice work Mr Daley. It's refreshing to see some b&w illos . I have to say your style is very unique, it's recognizable where ever I see it (usually over at Broken Pencil) The texture in the BG looks fine BTW. ^_^