Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Kill Shakespeare Cover Contest Entry...

My friend Tiff, she of Toronto comic shop The Silver Snail, brought to my attention that the fairly popular comic "Kill Shakespeare" was having a contest to design the cover for issue #11 and persuaded me to partake. I confess that I've never read the book before, but why let that deter me? Luckily IDW (the publisher) recently reissued the first issue for a mere buck in an effort to drum up new readers, so I picked it up and got a feel for the book. Above is my entry, which finished a distant (way distant) third in fan voting on the Kill Shakespeare Facebook page. The issue revolves around Hamlet (the main character) fleeing into the Globe Woods to escape his enemies and that's what I centered on. Any excuse to design trees. A thanks is in order to Tiff, for getting me wise to this, anybody who voted for the piece on  Facebook  and my dear Lindsay and our friend Adam Earle for trying to rally support.

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