Monday, April 4, 2011

The Global 100 2011

I'm up to my sixth year of doing covers for the Global 100 edition of RealScreen magazine, and while it's sometimes hard to find new ways to have fun with "Globie", I'm always pretty happy with how things turn out (except for my cover in 2007, which was a turd). This year we decided to make it an homage to Banksy due to the popularity/notoriety of "Exit Through the Gift Shop" and the increase in Banksy's media profile. The rendering of Globie is an amalgamation of a few past cover interpretations, slapped together in illustrator and then given a heavy stamp filter treatment in photoshop. I did the title by hand using a pilot parallel pen on heavy toothed paper for a nice bleed. Realscreen designer, Mark Lacoursiere came up with the great treatment on the RealScreen logo and it makes for a great overall presentation if you ask me.
Above is the printed version of the cover, below the image taken from my original file...

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