Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Torontoist-Food Safety at the G20

To coincide with that very important meeting of very important people in the city of my dwelling, I provided this illustration to accompany an article on Torontoist about how the security overkill went all the way to how the food was prepared. The illustration depicts a waiter type coming against a brick wall of secret service while trying to serve dinner.
The article was written by Stephen Michalowicz and can be found here

Newsstand Illustrations for Torontoist...

A series of illustrations running in rotation daily at Torontoist. Here's an example of how today's looks: http://torontoist.com/2010/06/newsstand_june_29_2010.php

Monday, June 21, 2010

Deep Gin and Summer Grills...

From the July/August 2010 issue of Tidings, on sale now....

Amusing Myself While Out For Chow....

More places need craft paper and crayons....

Monday, June 14, 2010

Taddle Creek-Summer 2010 Issue On Newsstands Now...

L: "The Quiet" by Michael Christie
R: "Strange Attractors" by Danielle Egan

L: "Snorkel" by Judy McCrosky
R: "A Private Woman" by David Ross

Taddle Creek’s long awaited Out-of-Towner issue is now on sale at a variety of fine newsstands. This historic issue sees Taddle Creek temporarily remove its Toronto-centric restrictions, and features authors and artists from coast to coast in all directions. To celebrate this one-time-only event, the magazine is proud to also announce The Taddle Creek Travelling Series of Happenings, a tour that Taddle Creek hopes will see it play to tens of people across Canada and the U.S. this summer and fall.
Taddle Creek’s Out-of-Towner issues features new fiction and poetry by Michael Christie (Victoria), Danielle Egan (Vancouver), Jesse Patrick Ferguson (Fredericton), Judy McCrosky (Saskatoon), Catherine McGuire (Sweet Home, Oregon), Peter Norman (Halifax), David Ross (Toronto), Alexandra Wilder (New York), and Elana Wolff (Thornhill, Ontario). Plus, an essay on Montreal’s Mile End neighbourhood by Sarah Gilbert (Montreal); a photo gallery of and essay on Saint John, New Brunswick, by Ian MacEachern (London, Ontario) and Tony Tobias (Toronto), respectively; a profile of Vancouver’s Lee Henderson by Toronto’s Mark Medley; comics by David Collier (Hamilton) and Jason Turner (Vancouver); illustrations by Matthew Daley (Toronto) and Zach Worton (Montreal); all the regular features, including a short piece by Jenn Hardy (Montreal) and Dave Lapp’s People Around Here; and a cover by Pascal Blanchet (Trois-Rivières, Quebec).
It’s an issue well worth the five dollars. Taddle Creek hopes to see you on the road this summer!

NXNE Poster Show 2010

North by Northeast (NXNE) is having its annual Poster Show at an Art Gallery this year! We have taken the show out of the conference and into Twist Gallery (Queen/Dovercourt)! Artists in this showcase have made exclusive gig posters for literally hundreds and hundreds of bands as well as art prints and tons more. Who would think that simple ink, paper and a squeegee could made into so much awesomeness!

Twist Gallery provides a stylish, spacious exhibition space to see this great work. There will also be live bands and DJs scheduled for the run of the show. You’ll see a slimmed-down version of the exhibition at the Hyatt (370 King St. W) and Dundas Square during NXNE.

Artists scheduled to participate...

Crosshair - Chicago, IL - http://crosshairchicago.com/
Large Mammal Print - Oaklyn, NJ - http://largemammalprint.com/
Budai - Pittsburgh, PA - http://crayondracula.blogspot.com/
Dwitt - Minneapolis, MN - http://dwitt.com/
LeDouxville - Seattle, WA - http://ledouxville.com/
Nat Damm - Seattle, WA - http://natdamm.com/
Crash Design - Portland, OR - http://crashamerica.com/
Jack Dylan - Montreal QC - http://jackdylan.ca/
Lil Tuffy - San Francisco, CA - http://lil-tuffy.com/
Cricket Press - Lexington, KY - http://cricket-press.com/
Uncle Charlie- The Woodlands, TX - http://unclecharlieart.com/
Patent Pending - Seattle, WA - http://patentpendingdesign.com/
Michael Deforge - Toronto, ON - http://kingtrash.com/
Doublenaut - Toronto, ON - http://doublenaut.com/
Popfuel - Toronto - http://popfuel.com/
Adam Swinbourne - Toronto, ON
Matt Daley - Toronto, ON - http://shinypliers.com/
Salvatore Angileri - Toronto, ON
Roxanne Ignatius - Toronto, ON
Stacey Case - Toronto, ON
Tomas Del Balso - Toronto, ON
Playdead Cult - Toronto, ON


NXNE Poster Show 2010
June 14 - 28
Twist Gallery (1100 Queen Street West - above The Social)
Toronto, Ontario
11am - 6pm

Extended hours on June 14, 17, 18, 19 + more TBC