Sunday, December 12, 2010

Taddle Creek #25-Fiction Illustrations

"Stop Loss" By Kelly Ward

"Our Many-Splendoured Humanity" by Jessica Westhead

"Remember the Story"  by Stuart Ross
"Atikoken is for Lovers"  by Amy Jones

This past week saw the release of the 25th issue of Toronto literary magazine Taddle Creek. This was the third issue that featured my illustrations accompanying works of fiction and I feel my best contributions to the magazine so far. I decided to mess around quite a bit with these and loosen up at the same time, because if I can't have fun with what I'm doing, what's the point really? Notable experiments include taking a photo of the pattern on my kitchen table (as seen in the backgrounds above) and using it as the background for the "Stop Loss" illustration as well as using found wallpaper patterns for "Atikokan...". As per usual, the magazine is top notch and worth checking out either on many a Canadian newsstand or via here. Thanks once again to Mr. Conan Tobias for having me, I'm looking forward to the next go round.

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