Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wild Waterfall...

This summer was a first for me as I had the opportunity to design characters for an iPhone app promoting milk for the Dairy Farmers of Canada. I've really enjoyed their series of 10 second ads that feature amazingly wacky animation, so when I was approached to do this I didn't even hesitate. It made for a nice change from my usual editorial grind as well. The team at Twist Image, who put the game together, were quite easy to work with and encouraged fairly wacky ideas, even though we had a short turn around.

Opening Screens
Game Play and End Screen
I'm afraid I don't have any proper screen caps as of yet, so above is the best I can show for how it looks. My wife's iPhone was used and she has some sort of mirror screen cover, so it's hard to capture with a camera.
Here are the original designs of what was used:

Above: The main lumberjack character. Final screen "victorious" image + 2 views of him riding in his log. I didn't really stray that much from my sketches (below), except that they wanted me to make him less squat/fat looking. I also tried a character that was more of a "white water" type, but since lumberjacks are much better, I'm glad this was the route we took.
Lumberjack Sketches
The twist of the game, if you will, is that the "waterfall" in the title is actually a little girl drinking milk. If you lose, you get swallowed in the torrent, if you win, you escape and bounce on her growing bicep. There wasn't a huge variation between the final rendering and early sketches, but I tried a separate look for a variation that didn't work quite as well...

Lastly, here's all the little details I rendered. Variations on the paddle, the various bubbles you have to either avoid or pick up and different takes on the waves. Certain bubble types weren't used and the final colours of the waves were changed to look less like water and more like milk.

So there you have it, my first, and hopefully not last, sojourn into the world of games and animation by proxy. You can download the game for free here, or at the iTunes store, but if you don't have an iPhone you can watch the lumberjack bob up and down in the waves for kicks. You can also run through some of the TV spots at the site as well.

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