Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sketchbook Detritus 21/09/10

Last night I went to a panel discussion moderated by my wife, who helped present it as editor of Broken Pencil magazine. The title of the talk was "Are Zines History?" and the panel debated and discussed the relevance of creating small press zines in the age of the internet. At one point I decided to pull out my sketchbook and do some doodle portraits of the panelists. These were done on a knock off moleskin (the choice of hipsters everywhere) using a Copic Multiliner pen with a 0.35 nib.

(L-R) Ian Sullivan Cant, Megan Speers, Chris Landry

I will admit that attending kind of made me want to try my hand at doing a zine just for the sake of fun and getting weird ideas out that don't necessarily need a full render. We shall see...

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