Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Friday, August 6, 2010

Storytelling is Carnivorous...

Another new-ish piece in the latest issue of Lucid Media (#7). This one goes along with a profile on erstwhile Canadian personality Sook-Yin Lee in conjunction with her recent film "Year of the Carnivore". I don't often do portrait type illustrations of actual people, but I'm always open to a new challenge. I definitely didn't get her likeness in this piece, so I had to get more conceptual thanks to some suggestions and prodding by Lucid editor Ryan Warring Bird. Here's the key to all the floating elements: Meat-ties in with the title of the film, Pills-the article discusses the history of mental illness and depression in her family, Bus-her role in "Shortbus", Music Notes-her history as a musician and the hearts are symbolic of the main quote of all her movies and stories being love stories at heart.

Here's how it looks in print: