Thursday, July 22, 2010

Meet the Presses...

I recently did my first illustration assignment for Lucid Media (link), a Toronto based independent arts magazine. The piece accompanied an article by Reid McCarter about the Toronto small press publishing community and the Small Press of Toronto bookfair that took place in early June. My copy of the magazine showed up in my mail box and here's how the spread looks in it's B&W printed form:

And now in glorious full colour:

My Jim Flora fixation was definitely foremost on my mind as I was working on this. The whole idea revolves around the "one person wearing many hats" reality of the self publisher. From the writing, to the printing/manufacturing to the final sale of the product. In this case, in a public setting like a book fair. It's been a while since I've used collage in anything, so that was fun. I shouldn't be scared of using collage in my arsenal, there's that little nagging side that makes me feel as though I'm "cheating", but whatever.
Lucid is out and about in various magazine stores in Toronto right now and features a lovely cover by Charlene Chua...

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