Thursday, May 6, 2010

Mr. Monitor...

If I had my way, or a heftier bank account, I'd pretty much work on Mr. Monitor stories all the time. As it stands, I've been able to put out 7 parts online in the span of around 18 months, which is kind of sad considering each part is only a single page. My perfectionism once again takes a hold of me.
History lesson-I first created Mr. Monitor in 10th grade, which makes him 20 years old this year. I'm showing my age, but whatever. I spent the rest of high school doodling him in the middle of class and coming up with ridiculous stories that I never completed (thankfully). In my third year of college I brought him back as a back up feature in my early mini comics and it turned out people liked his stories much better than what I was doing in the main features. I never completed the serial I had him involved in when I gave up on doing zines, but I never really forgot about him. Now he's on his third incarnation as a web comic, one that's constantly being messed around with, but that's the fun of the online medium if you ask me. I think this incarnation, as far as look and story are much better and I'm glad I'm doing it this way. His sub site at Broken Pencil was just re-done, so if you're at all curious follow this link:
Thanks to Derek Winkler for putting the page together and to my wife (and editor) Lindsay for giving me a reason to pull this story out of the mothballs again and a place to host it.

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