Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Manimal Art Show-Friday April 16.

From the press release:

Come one come all!
Olive Industries is proud to present the Manimal Art show!! Be it (hu-)Man? Be it Beast? Be it somewhere betwixt the twain? Only your eyes can see the truth should you muster up the courage to witness the sheer spectacle of such things as only the Heathen Gods and 10 visual artists could imagine.
Featuring new works by Matthew Daley, Holly Gilmour, Claire Manning, Mitch Papineau, Ryan James Terry, Michael Aaron Tessier, Tina Tsai, Elan Umholtz, Paul Wolk, Damian Zuch, the evening will surely mystify, amazify, and confound patrons of all ages! (who are 19+!!)
Entertainment for the ears will also be provided by rock and roll artists Rescue Room, electronic musicians TAngA, and acoustic duo When We Was Young.

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