Thursday, February 25, 2010

Old Strips Week-Part 4

The final Bawdy collaborations. Sigh.
As of late 2006 or so "Tastes Like Chicken" folded, as sadly too many small magazines seem to do. Seeing that I felt like I was finally getting the hang of this, I proposed to Wayne that we continue either as a web strip or to try and pitch a collection. He seemed into the idea at first, but unfortunately we quickly fell out of touch. Maybe he just wanted to move on and this reminded him too much of TLC's end, who knows? Such is life and it was a fun little run. When last I checked on him, Wayne's been writing under the name Justin Shady for outlets like the AV club and even wrote a graphic novel for Image called "Missing the Boat"(2008), which I have yet to check out but it looked pretty nice (samples here).

I'd really like to thank Wayne for the opportunity. It was an all around fun time...

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