Monday, February 22, 2010

Old Strips Week-Part 1

I'm in the midst of putting together my latest Mr. Monitor installment (read the first 6 here) and thought it might be a bit fun to revisit some of the strips I've done through the years for various anthologies or magazines. I'm actually surprised at how much I like quite a few of them. Certainly much better than some of the dreck I crapped out in my "zine years".
For the first strip, we travel way back to the year 2003 for this one. "Howlin' Terry Upright" was made for the Summer '03 issue of long running Toronto comics anthology "Don't Touch Me" and was the first comic I'd ever rendered digitally. It also includes some of my early experiments with using outside textures. How very novel..

Fun fact. I was the first person ever to purchase a copy of Don't Touch Me at a convention in 1994 and have a life time subscription for that honour. DTM (and Toronto Comic Jam) founder Dave Howard was one of the first people to support my early, shitty attempts at zine making and has been a great source of encouragement over the years. A tip of the hat to you sir...

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