Thursday, October 15, 2009

Pictures at an Exhibition...

This would have to definitely be one of the most fun CD projects I've been a part of in a long while. As done by my close friend, and erstwhile gentleman, "Friendly" Rich Marsella (link), "Pictures at an Exhibition" is a re-interpretation of the classical piece by Russian composer Modest Mussorgsky (1839-1881). The artwork was influenced by 20th century Russian and Soviet illustration, while trying to avoid the obvious Soviet era iconography. To all the Jim Flora fans, the front cover is an homage to his classic illustration to "Inside Sauter-Finegan" (link)
For anybody in the Toronto area, there will be a CD release accompanied by a similarly themed artshow at the Tranzac on November 7..

Edward the Great...

When I was about seven or so, I first saw the cover to Iron Maiden's "Killers" at a record store and it pretty much scared me half to death. You have to admit that makes for an effective cover. Being a good little catholic at the time, I saw anything to do with the band as completely satanic and I would be disturbed any time I saw a teenager sporting a t-shirt with Maiden mascot Eddie's mug plastered on it (although I was secretly fascinated). By the time I was in my early teens I came to my senses, became a full fledged metal nerd and Eddie became my new hero. The more I saw of the artwork on their albums, singles and merchandise as done by Derek Riggs, the more I'd want to be able to draw like him and would scrawl Eddie after Eddie in whatever notebook or school binder I had available. I became a huge comic book reader around the same time and thanks to these influences I put away my dreams of becoming either a yuppie or a pro wrestler and decided that being an artist would be my goal in life.
This homage to the "Killers" cover was done for the third issue of Uppercase Magazine (link) in a section called "Cover Me". Here a variety of illustrators and designers re-interpreted some of their favourite album covers in some pretty radical ways, so check out the magazine if you get the chance. "Killers" is not my favourite of the classic Iron Maiden covers, but I figured that since it's effect on me indirectly influenced my future career choice, it would get the nod....

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Label Extinction

Bon Vivant column, Tidings Magazine-October 2009
On newstands now....

Profile In Now Then Magazine

Top: Cover Image, Now Then Magazine-October 2009
Bottom: Poster Insert, Now Then Magazine-October 2009

I recently had the honour of having my work profiled in issue 19 of "Now Then" which is a free independent arts and culture magazine based out of Sheffield in the UK. I'd like to give my thanks to Mr. Matt Jones (link) for having me be a part of this and for the continuing excellent work on the magazine. Check out some back issues here including a link to a free download of issue #19.