Monday, September 21, 2009

Three Years of Tidings-Pt.1

This fall marks three years of my longest lasting recurring gig, which is illustrations for the "Bon Vivant" column in Tidings, which is a bimonthly wine magazine based out of Montreal(link).
The funny thing about this being one of the more fun jobs I've had, is that I don't drink. Never have. But I digress, here's to a fun three years. Here's some of my "greatest hits" if you will...

Left: Nouveau Wine-Nov. 2006
Right: Stop With the Cheese-Feb./March 2007

Left: Classy Chablis-April 2007
Right: Beautiful Legs-May/June 2007
Left: Terroir Talk-July/Aug. 2007
Right: Great Finds-Sept. 2007

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